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Be Happier by Eating Grass Fed Beef, Research Shows

Women experienced less depression with natural red meat in their diet

The unique nutrients in grass finished beef lifts the blues, according to a recently published study quoted in this month’s Reader’s Digest. Australian researchers concluded that the higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acid in grass fed beef may have given the women in their study a more positive outlook on life. Even consuming fish, with large amounts of this good fat, does not provide the same mood lifting results as grass fed beef the study Reader's Digest article on mental health benefits of grass fed beef.concluded.                                                                 

Readers Digest grass fed beef helps depressionThe research at Deakin University in Victoria, evaluated the diets of 1000 women battling depression or anxiety.  Those in the study who stayed with the recommended two to four ounces of grass finished beef several times a week, experienced mental health improvements. These women were twice as likely to have their depression lessen or leave entirely.

Grass finished beef cattle are never fed grains and live their entire lives eating in pastures. While grain finished beef comes from cattle that for their first 12 months are also on grass, but then shipped to feed lots to be fattened-up on corn/grain mixtures. Nutritional studies have shown the grass fed beef products are much higher in Omega-3 (good fat) and much lower in Omega-6 (bad fat). The native grasses also provide anti-oxidants that only show-up in the grass finished meats.


Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef will market grass-fed beef produced on America’s largest remaining expanse of native tall-grass prairie, the Kansas Flint Hills; some of the finest gazing land anywhere. The healthiest beef raised on the most natural land - pastures never broken by a plow - where vast herds of buffalo roamed for centuries.

Under the brand of Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef, a consortium of producers, who meet the brand’s quality control and ranch within the Flint Hills’ 5 million acres of pasture land, will market Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef to restaurants, grocery stores, and through an eCommerce online store as a locally produced, Healthier, Natural, more Pure beef product. The cattle will be in the pasture from birth to the butcher.

So you can be assured it will make you Happy!



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