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Grass Fed Beef Grilling Recipes

Grass Fed Recipes

Correctly Cooking Lean Beef
Tips for Grilling Your Grass Fed Beef for Maximum Enjoyment

Grass fed beef is leaner, so it needs a little more of your love and attention on the grill. Once on the grill,
use indirect heat to bring your steaks to peak grilled flavor and juiciness. An instant read pin thermometer
can help you stay on track for a perfect steak.


Grass Fed Ribeye Steak 
Ribeye Steak
The Ranch House Favorite
This tantalizing cut of beef bursts with flavor from its extra marbling. Perfect for the grill with a little
sprinkling of salt 40 minutes before you fire up the coals. Let your ribeye rest for about five minutes after
pulling it from the grill to let the juices fully permeate this gift from the prairie.

                                    Best Ribeye: medium rare, cooked to 140°F 

Tenderloin Grass Fed in Flint Hills

Filet Mignon
Flint Hills Tenderloin Heaven
Crusted in peppercorns, sprinkled with salt, and bathed by a melting pad of butter (some prefer a bacon wrap), your Filet Mignon will be a tasty tender delight. The key is to not overcook. Your reward is "Wow!".
                          Best Filet Mignon:
rare end of medium rare, internal temp 140°F
               Since it continues to cook off the grill, try removing it at 125
°-130°F & cover with foil 

Grass fed Pot Roast
Welcome Home
Whether Chuck, Bottom, or Tip, these roasts are forked open after a day in the crockpot. In the morning,
add red cooking wine, a packet of onion soup mix, beef broth, and balsamic vinegar for a hearty meal after
a long day. Leftover roast makes a mean burrito for the next day’s lunch by simmering in beef broth and
taco seasoning. Day long slow cooked Pot Roast recipe.

 KC Strip
KC Strip
Leaner Steak Treat
After a quick rub with a light olive oil and a dash of sea salt, let your steaks rest for at least 45 minutes. An overnight marinade, in the refrigerator, that includes some olive oil, salt, and lemon juice is even better.
Use the indirect heat method when grilling, once you seal each side over the flames. Your instant read pin thermometer will be your guide to maximum juiciness. Try Peppercorn encrusted Strip Steak. Yummm...

                         Best KC Strip: medium rare - cooked to 140°F, a little less red 150°F
                   Since it continues to cook off the grill, try removing it at 125
°-130°F & cover with foil 

Grass Fed Burgers Flint Hills
Flavorful 90% Lean Grass Fed Beef
For the juiciest burger, you will need to turn the flames down, shut the grill lid for even heating, and flip
the burgers a few times until the internal temperature starts topping 150°F.  The patty should reach 160°F before it rests on a bun. Perfect to recharge on a cool evening, Steak Soup using grass fed ground beef. Also, try our Less Mess Meat Loaf.

 Sirloin Steak Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef
Top Sirloin
Fit for Grilln'  
Grass fed Sirloin is at its best with just a little pepper and salt. Season your steaks about 45 minutes prior to
grilling. This will enhance the flavors and tenderness as you grill your Sirloin over indirect heat - 3 to 5 minutes per side should do it.

                      Best Sirloin Steak:
medium rare, cooked to 140°F 


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