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Your KC Strips Grilled to Wow!

Peppercorn Marinade Garners Family's Thumbs-up

  Grass Fed KC Strips on Grill

I used to be a purest when it comes to grilled steak.
No sauce.
No butter.
No fancy dips.

The pure steak flavor should not be compromised. I paid for the steak, I want to taste it.

But there is something to be discovered in flavor enhancement. And that is what you'll find in this week's @GrillnGrassFed recipe using cracked peppercorns to help marinade
two gorgeous grass fed KC Strips.  

Chilln’ before Grilln’
For proper thawing, take your vacuum sealed 8oz KC Strip steaks out of the freezer for a one day stay in the refrigerator. This gives your steaks time to safely thaw.  I transferred the steaks to the refrigerator about mid-morning, so that 24 hours later I could start the pre-grill prep.

Once thawed, release your steaks from the vacuum seal four to five hours before grilling.

Give the steaks a thin coating of light olive oil. You know, the one without much flavor.
Then sprinkle sea salt on both sides of your steaks.  

Wrap the steaks in a sealing wrap and put them back in the fridge.

Midafternoon (2-3 hours before grilln’), pull the steaks out, unwrap the plastic wrap, coat
with course cracked peppercorns, lightly pressing the pepper into the beef. Rewrap and return the steaks to the refrigerator for more chilln’.

Grass Fed Strip Steaks with Peppercorns

Grill Time
Make sure your grill is hot and ready to sizzle as soon as the meat hits the grate.
Once placed with tongs on the grill, sizzle 2 minutes, then rotate the steaks 60 degrees for another 2 minutes.

Try not being over a direct flame. Think indirect but hot.
Turn it over with tongs, 2 minutes and 2 minutes.

Grass fed beef is leaner than the other guys, so watch your meat temperature carefully.

Check the steaks’ internal temperature using a needle probe meat thermometer.
For these strip steaks to be a luscious medium rare, shoot for an
internal temperature of 130-135 F. Take the steaks off the grill wrapping them
in aluminum foil
to let them rest about five minutes. The steak temperature will continue
to rise to around 140 F.

We served these babies with sautéed mushrooms, baked potatoes, and grilled roasted peppers.

My kid’s went crazy. They said, “This grass fed beef is great”! I don't think their expectations were too high. I ended-up with less steak than I wanted because I kept cutting pieces off my portion to give to them.

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